No private web access?

The computer that I am using to write this blog is my own, purchased last summer. It’s a Mac, not that it matters for the purposes of this blog. I just like it.

For years prior to my getting this computer, I accessed the Internet from a computer at a public library, and from other computers not my own.

This can be a hassle if you’ve got a lot of interests you’re keeping track of. You have no way to save websites to your “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” folder, because you have none. No way to keep track of all the blogs you read.

If you are a reader of this blog with a similar problem, there are various links in my sidebar (thing on the right side of the page, list links and stuff) that may be of use to you and can solve your dilemma.

Three in particular. is a so-called “social bookmarking” site. Go there by clicking on the link in the previous sentence, or where the “I am paulcoholic on” line is on the sidebar. “” takes you to the site, where you can log in, read the instructions on how to save your favorite sites and never have to worry about forgetting where you saw that article or site online. There is the option of keeping some links private. Others can be made public. You can see mine by clicking on the “paulcoholic” part of that line. The “Add me to your network” part means you’ll be adding me to your group of friends, and you can be informed whenever I add links to my account, and I can be of your account. The site explains it better.

Another is the “bloglines” chicklet. Bloglines is a service where you can subscribe to blog feeds, like Sober Catholic. Get a bloglines account and you’ll always be notified of when a blog has been updated.

Technorati is similar to Bloglines, but provides the additional services of publishing blog feeds and promoting blogs. Bloglines would suffice if you have no blog of your own. (If you have a blog, and it’s Catholic, and has anything to do with recovering from something, please let me know!)

All are free.

One awareness of this blogger is that many people reading it may not own their own computer. Nowadays it is easy to get around that limitation.

Take care.

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