Catholic Converts and VERT

If you scroll down the sidebar and look at the “Bloggy Communities…” section you’ll notice that I’ve joined another community of Catholic blogs. Catholic Converts is a group of blogs created by, well… converts to the Catholic Faith.

They offer a great community to others who have “crossed the Tiber” and have “come home to Rome”, not to mention they have a great list of resources linked on the blog. I’m not a convert, just a person who strayed and came back (a revert) so that qualifies me as a “Friend of Catholic Converts”.

Check it out if you are a reader of Sober Catholic who may be dissatisfied with the depth (or lack of) spirituality you find in the rooms of your 12 Step Group or “non-denominational” Church and are considering conversion to the Catholic Church.

Catholic Converts serve as a great companion to VERT, another group of blogs run by converts and reverts to the Faith. I’ve mentioned VERT before, with the occasional homework assignments that Owen prompts his family of bloggers to write on a specific topic.

Happy surfing!

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