Counsel and shield

The Daily Wisdom Dose for today:

Proverbs 2:7

He has counsel in store for the upright, he is the shield of those who walk honestly…

By following God’s will, and in listening for it in either in prayer or in the variety of life, we are given His counsel, His advice and guidance on getting through the daily routine. Being upright and honest, that is, living out your life in accord with God’s will and commands earns for you the gifts of His counsel and strength. These are freely available to all, but most fail to avail themselves of them because they do not see and hear due to the distractions of life.

It is said that people of Faith, particularly those who pray frequently, experience less stress and anxiety than those who follow purely secular means of coping. The latter are groping in the dark, and in trying to get through things on their own experience the stresses of that burden. With the counsel of the Lord guiding you, and the shield of the Lord (the armor of Faith, the detachment from the values and morals of the world) about you, there is nothing that cannot be handled.

Prayer calms you, settles and relaxes you. I’ve written before about it, here
and here.

Once regular prayer clears out the daily fears and frustrations, you are better able to recieve the gifts that God has available for you. It’s there for the asking.

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