Guardian and protector

For today’s Daily Wisdom Dose we turn to Proverbs 2:8;

Guarding the paths of justice, protecting the way of his pious ones.

This is a continuation of Proverbs 2:7 (look it up) and ensures that despite the trials and tribulations and turmoil of ordinary life, God will see us through them. It may be difficult, and often times it would seem if God is not there, as indeed it is hard to see Him when all is dark. But at those times when God seems furthest away, He is really quite close, hearing the prayers of our wounded heart and soul.

Think back as to how you were led out of the darkness of active alcoholism. When things seemed at their most despairing point, something happened to get you out of it. The circumstances are maybe unique to each individual, but you are here now reading this instead of drinking or dying.

An instrument of God’s grace helped you. You may not have been “pious”, but the piety of your scream for help was heard.

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