For my 100th post (!!!), I’d like to celebrate by sharing with you a music video that inspires.

It’s based on Jeremiah Chapter 20. I’ll include the link in the sidebar under “Music Video”.

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"The Recovery Rosary: Reflections for Alcoholics and Addicts"

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  1. Pauloholic,I simply love this video. I have been playing it every chance I get. You turned me onto Sarah Groves. I’ve youtubed her and have to have more, so guess I gotta hit the CD store soon.Have you noticed that since you turned your path towards Christ, you are listening to less and less secular (i.e., Rock, pop, country, etc.,) music? I turn on the radio and find a song with a beautiful melody that I have sung outloud for years and suddenly now I realize it is about promiscuity, adultery, vandalism, alcoholicism, commercialism, etc., and I stop in my tracks (figuratively speaking, for oftentimes I am in my car) and have to change the station. I just can’t feed my soul on that garbage any longer, or at least not as frequently as I had in the past.Another Christian group that has really inspired me is Casting Crowns. I especially like the song Set Me Free. It is based on Mark 5:1-13 ; Ephesians 2:1-10; Romans 8; & Revelation 1:18. Here’s the youtube. Warning it is Passionate stuff.

  2. I’ll try and youtube her, also. Actually, my interest in music has changed, but I actually listen to more country than before. Country speaks to me. Less rock, but when I do it’s old “classical” stuff. I know it may not be very Christian, but it’s hard to put away, depends on the group. Not all is evil. I did stop watching TV. TV is mostly garbage or pointless time-wasting. I haven’t gotten into Christian stuff, as it’s mostly non-Catholic. A lot of it is good, but since they never cover Catholic themes (sacraments, Mary, etc.) it seems not as substantive.

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