Admin notes

I am going on a short trip for a few days and won’t be around to blog, although the list of “to-do” posts is growing. On Thursday I’ll post some meditations on today’s Mass Readings, (20th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C. All four readings! Couldn’t write about those today as I had to go to Mass, then my volunteer job. Then run around getting ready for my trip.)

I think I will also get around to writing this next weekend something I mentioned way back in my intro post on how all Twelve Steps are a part of the Sacrament of Confession, if the Sacrament is used in the manner that the Church intends for it to be used. Most people think Confession is Step 5. Others say it isn’t Step 5 at all. Both sides of the argument are wrong. Confession incorporates all 12.

See you later.

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