A Good Focus

A friend sent me this scripture quote in an email:

Romans 12:12;

Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, persevere in prayer.

A simple notion, but an example of a person who is focused in the right direction.

We are Christian, hope is the predominant theme of our existence. The hope of eternal salvation and union with God and reunion with our loved ones.

We endure affliction, we do not shun it or seek to escape it. And, as sober alcoholics, we understand the folly of artificial palliatives like alcohol. It doesn’t work t o ease the pain. At first yes, but after abuse, no.

We persevere in prayer. Prayer is the uplifting of our heart and mind and soul to God. It is our way of communicating with our creator. We offer up our joys and sufferings in prayer. We turn to prayer instead of alcohol.

Rejoice, endure and persevere.

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