As an experiment, mainly as I have no idea how useful it is, I signed up for Twitter. Twitter is a “nanoblogging” tool, become recently popular.

Each post, or “tweet”, is a maximum of 140 characters, and is used to inform people of what you’re doing at any given time. Tweets can be written from your computer or mobile phone. As I am not terribly interesting, beyond a recently brewing romance (she’s the interesting one) my tweets may be good for an insomnia cure.

You can find out about it at: Twitter

Groups of tweeters (or whatever users are called) can follow each other around, as “friends” or some such thing. I suppose it’s like an IM buddy list.

Perhaps that can be the use for this Twitter thing. Sober Catholic readers can sign up, and we can keep track of each other, offer mutual support and such.

Anyway, you can read my tweets in the sidebar under “Twitter Updates”. I may lower its location in the sidebar as it may be too prominent right now, but like I said, it’s an experiment.

My Twitter ID is “Paulcoholic”, like the blogger ID. Wow.

NOTE: The Twitter thing is being discontinued, read the second comment in the combox. (Sept. 15, 2007)

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  1. I am deleting the Twitter Updates section in the sidebar. Although Twitter is popular, I don’t see it’s usefulness with regards to this blog. No more Tweets. However, it has given me an idea to get a discussion forum going, which is a project for sometime down the road. I had thought that Twitter could be a way for readers to communicate support, perhaps its functions were too limiting. A forum might be better. Something to think about.

  2. As today’s (April 4,2009) post states,I’m using this again.Although my username for Twitter is “sobercatholic” and not “paulcoholic”.

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