On Relapse

A troubling admission for an alcoholic is one in which you admit to having returned to drinking (No, don’t worry, I haven’t.)

The reasons for a relapse are as varied as the alcoholic. Relapses occur after one has had a period of sustained sobriety. Something happened which made you return. Life and it’s troubles and stresses got bigger than the tools you’ve used in the past to deal with them.

Do not be ashamed about a relapse. It happens. Just pick yourself up, talk to someone about and proceed forward. Think about it and analyze why it happened. As God brings good out of evil, you can bring some “learning experience” out of the relapse. If needed, go to a 12-Step Meeting and announce it. This is a profound act of humility but much compassion and understanding will be shown you.

The long darkness that led to your drinking again may be over. Or not. But if not, it will be by not using the relapse as an excuse to destroy yourself with thoughts and feelings of uselessness. They serve no useful purpose.

Just be aware that whatever it is you went through and experienced did not make you unique. What happened has happened to others. This is why talking about it with someone or attending a 12-Step meeting may be useful. Chances are others have also relapsed in the past. Perhaps someone is on the verge and your experience will prevent them from doing that.

Talk about it. You’ve lost nothing, just some time. Rise up, and be on your way again.

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