Admin Notes/Sporadic Hiatus (Rosary Meds)

Dear Readers,

Just a short note to say that due to a sudden change in my personal and professional life, the Rosary meditations that I have been writing are being put on hold.

Blogging over the next month may be far more sporadic than usual as I have accepted a job offer in another city, so I have to prepare to relocate and move.

This blog will continue, it will not be abandoned. But for the next few weeks my priorities will be concerned with moving and starting up a new life a few hours away from where I am now.

Check in to Sober Catholic now and then, or better yet, subscribe via email or one of the feeds so you’ll know when there’s activity (look in the sidebar under the “subscriptions” stuff).

Pray for me as I always pray for my readers.

Take care, and God Bless. I shall be around here.



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