Admin Notes/Blog Hiatus/Rosary Meds Update

Just a short note to inform anyone wondering that posting will resume either next week or mid-November, depending on how well I can pack for the move.

If I can wedge a small, old, beat-up typewriting table in my car then I can probably resume blogging next week, assuming of course the phone company remembers to switch my DSL service to my new apartment.

If the table can’t be wedged then blogging won’t resume until I can rent a van after the first week in November and haul my furniture to the new place. Inability to stuff the table in the car isn’t likely as I can jam pretty much anything into something if my mind is set to it, and I’m not too concerned about appearance, after all, the table is old, as is the car. Besides, I think that’s how I moved it in the first place. Anyway, what’s a few more dents and dings and tears?)

There is the possibility of borrowing a table if wedging can’t be done.

I wonder if there’s a patron saint of packing and moving?

At any rate, the rosary meditations that I had hoped would be done by now will be very much late. My apologies.

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