Following the Lead Wolf

There is another Catholic blog that may be of interest to some readers. It was recently started by a friend of mine with the screen name of “Colorado Ben”, and his blog is Leidolfr, the Leader Wolf .

It is new, only 2 posts so far, but shows some great promise in the area of dedicated Catholicism and spiritual growth. To quote from his header: This blog is dedicated to fearlessly investing the talents God has given me and loving God, others, and myself with my whole being. Life is not for those who wish to lay down and die. It is for those who wish to live! For years, I had been running from true, abundant life. Now I hunt it with all my strength. Share it with me! We are the ones to blame for our own failure. In God, there is no failure. Ever. Root Scripture of Inspiration: Genesis 49:27; St. Matthew 22:36-40

Colorado Ben is a Catholic man, one who is uncompromisingly faithful to the Church and Her teachings, regardless of how unpopular it is. He is a great slayer of internal demons.

Read him, he’s good.

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