St. Benedict's Ladder of Humility: Step 9

The Ninth Step on St. Benedict’s Ladder of Humility is that one should control their tongue and remain silent, not speaking unless asked a question.

This is one where we can sufficiently modify for our use as sober alcoholics, not living in a monastery and bound by a rule of silence. Or can we? (I have to be careful here as my lovely, cute and very intelligent wife loves to talk, monastic silence or anything close to it would drive her absolutely bug nuts.)

How much of what we say is actually useful or just filler for the dead spaces in the air about us? Are we that uncomfortable “just being” so that by talking we distract ourselves and others from something else?

Talking too much runs the risk of sinning, for by much verbiage we may tend towards gossip or bearing false witness.

God gave us two ears and one mouth, so perhaps we should listen twice as much as we talk. By doing so we tune into others around us and thus learn and grow closer to them. Listen to others, as opposed to hearing ourselves. We can listen to ourselves during our interior prayer life, when we talk only to God.

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