Novena to St. Joseph for Alcoholics: Day 4

On the fourth day of this Novena, we pray:

St. Joseph: “O most faithful Saint, who didst share the mysteries of our Redemption, glorious Saint Joseph, the prophecy of Simeon touching the sufferings of Jesus and Mary caused thee to shudder with mortal dread, but at the same time filled thee with a blessed joy for the salvation and glorious resurrection which, he foretold, would be attained by countless souls.

By this thy sorrow and this thy joy, obtain for us that we may be of the number of those who, through the merits of Jesus and the intercession of Mary the Virgin Mother, are predestined to a glorious resurrection.

Say the Our Father…, the Hail Mary…, and the Glory be….

(Via Inter Mirifica.)

We know not what the future holds. It is a dark and murky place, seen at best very dimly. Based on the experiences of our past, and how many times we have made mistakes and paid for them dearly, the future is feared to have much of the same.

However, if we have had some sustained sobriety, we may not view the future with dread. We know from experience that we have overcome our troubles and difficulties before, and will continue to do so. Each victory over ourselves and our trials increases our faith that we will persevere until the end. We learn to walk with God, knowing that if we keep the faith, we will endure.

Not all share this view, yet. Their experience is newer and they are still suffering from the stings and wounds of their past. For these people we pray.

Lord, protect the wounded and the broken beneath the shelter of your strength. Guide and lead them like the Good Shepherd that You are until they learn to trust and follow You. We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

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