Novena to St. Joseph for Alcoholics: Day 5

On this fifth day of the novena, we pray:

St. Joseph: “O most watchful Guardian of the Incarnate Son of God, glorious Saint Joseph, what toil was thine in supporting and waiting upon the Son of the Most High God, especially in the flight into Egypt! Yet at the same time, how thou didst rejoice to have near thee always the very God Himself, and to see the idols of the Egyptians fall prostrate to the ground before Him.

By this thy sorrow and this thy joy, obtain for us the grace of keeping ourselves in safety from the infernal tyrant, especially by flight from dangerous occasions; may every idol of earthly affection fall from our hearts; may we be wholly employed in serving Jesus and Mary, and for them alone may we live and happily die.

Now say the Our Father…, the Hail Mary…, and the Glory be…”

(Via Inter Mirifica.)

Alcoholism and addiction necessarily cause periods of instability in our lives. There is uncertainty in every situation in life when there is change, for good or for bad. We leave a stable situation and enter a stretch of time where there is little security, such as those times when we sink deeper into alcoholism, and also when we are on the way out, and are groping for means to stay sober.

Quite often our behavior and reactions to situations cause us to run afoul of authority. We seek help from clergy and are condemned as sinners and therefore are hurt by the Church and leave, to wander about a spiritual desert looking for a home. Or we get into trouble with the law. Drunk driving, criminal misbehavior, and the like.

We move, forgetting that in relocation we take our problems (namely ourselves) with us. We do the same things elsewhere.

For all of those who are in these uncertain periods of transition and in opposition to authority and are suffering for mutual mistakes and abuse, we pray for their healing and that they may see through their pain and return to the safety of your guidance, Lord. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Amen.

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