Twitter (again)

Once again I am trying the web service known as Twitter


Twitter is a “nanoblogging”or “microblogging” service that is increasingly popular. I had tried it before (see this post ) but couldn’t figure how to make use of it.

It seems to be more useful now, especially since I joined Tweet Catholic, a group of Catholics on Twitter. Tweet Catholic is a part of flockNote , a service which you can share information, news and links with like-minded people. There is a link to FlockNote in my sidebar, you can use it to subscribe to this blog and to other blogs.

Anyway, my username on Twitter is @sobercatholic, join and follow my “Tweets!” There is also a gadget-thingy in my sidebar which lists my last bunch of Tweets.

Twitter is a great way to build a community and rally the flock around stuff. As with any technology, it can be a way to waste time. It is what you make of it.

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