Read this and know that Jesus understands pain

Today is Palm Sunday. This excerpt from the Gospel is an astounding insight into Jesus’ humanity:

Mark 14:34: “My soul is sorrowful even to death”

(Via USCCB.)

Jesus, the Son of God, was sorrowful. This is an immense revelation, that God can be, and was sorrowful. Sorrowful to the point of death.

Remember this next time you are at an extreme loss, the next time you are at the brink of despair. Especially when someone tells you to “unite your sufferings to Christ”, which seems so abstract, so unreal.

Spend some time with you Bible today. Re-read the Gospel accounts of the Passion. Particularly turn to Mark and dwell on this passage. Mull it over and pray on it.

Know that Jesus is aware and feels the pain you feel.

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