Catholic Recovery Chat

I am just trying to get to word out that this blog’s sister site Catholic Recovery has a chat room. This is a post that serves as a “primer” on using it: Catholic Recovery Chat

I am trying to promote it for 2 reasons:

One) To help build the social network’s community. We have all been there when we needed some human contact and no one’s been around. A lonely night at the keyboard, staring at the screen…. a chat might be good.

Two) To get more people to use the network. This would significantly assist with point # one. 🙂

So, check it out if you’re a member. Or join up if you’re not!

Know someone, perhaps yourself, who might like Catholic devotionals for alcoholics? Please take a look at my books! (Thank you!!)

"The Recovery Rosary: Reflections for Alcoholics and Addicts"

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