Discontinuing most advertising on Sober Catholic

No one has ever commented or emailed displeasure with the Google AdSense advertising that I had been running on this blog, but nevertheless I have decided to discontinue it for a variety of reasons.

One: I wasn’t making any money off of it. Less than $20 in the past year. There is a correlation between traffic and ad clicking, and while I have decent readership, I guess hardly anyone was clicking on the ads. This is fine as I rarely do that myself on other people’s blogs.

Two: the ads may have been misleading or offensive. Quite often they were about alcohol and addiction treatment program (obviously, they were generated based on post content) or on something “Catholic-y”. The misleading aspect is that the ads may have offered information opposed to the goals of this blog, and the offensive aspect may be that some of the “Catholic-y” ads may have been created by anti-Catholic bigots. Quite often this is done by bigots masquerading as Catholics to draw people away from the True Faith.

Anyway, I in general dislike advertising. I will not get rid of it entirely, but will only run ads that I know are not contrary to the Faith and therefore I have more control of.

I may get some sort of PayPal thingy where readers can donate money if they like what they read, but that will be later on when I think about it more.

Know someone, perhaps yourself, who might like Catholic devotionals for alcoholics? Please take a look at my books! (Thank you!!)

"The Recovery Rosary: Reflections for Alcoholics and Addicts"

and "The Stations of the Cross for Alcoholics"


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