Catholic Recovery may be shutting down

NOTE: This post is now basically obsolete. Please see Good News on the Future of the Catholic Recovery Social Network!

I just posted this in an email to all network members, as well as on the Facebook Page and Group locations. Just including it in a post here (slightly edited) in case emails have changed.

Dear CR members:

I have just learned that Ning, the company that provides the technology and templates for the creation and maintenance of this and other Ning social networks, will be shutting down all free sites as of May 4th.

After that date, Network Creators will have to pay to keep their network going. I am not sure that I can do that at this point in time. The current fees for maintaining a Ning network (listed in the Mashable article below) do not seem all that large, but indications are that those costs will be rising for those interested in paying. Due to the economic situation, I cannot guarantee continued support beyond that date.

So as it stands now, I am not interested in paying, so unless there is a change in Ning policy, the Catholic Recovery Network will close on or after May 4th.

If you are on Facebook, CR has a Group and a Fan Page. If you’d like, we can continue there. Just type in the Facebook search box “Catholic Recovery” to find the Page, or “Catholics in Recovery (Alcohol and Addictions)” to find the Group. There is an issue with anonymity. Although FB was strict about it in the past, they do not seem to be that way now: you CAN create another profile for anonymous purposes. Perhaps if you’d like to continue on FB, you can re-create your CR username there. This may not be a change in policy, just that they may no longer be able to police the 350-400 million members.

There are always my blogs: and where people can meet up in the comment section. I think there are “social networking” type widgets and add-ons that I can install to establish more of a community there. I do not make any money off of either blog, I used to run Google Ads, but canceled them when I wasn’t able to control the content. I may add Catholic advertisement soon.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions: feel free to contact me thru CR or thru this blog.

Here is additional info:
Ning blog article on the closing of free social networks:

Ning Blog » An Update from Ning

Mashable article on the Ning system shutting down free social networks:

Ning: Failures, Lessons and Six Alternatives

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