Humility as the root of peace

From the teachings of St. Dorotheus, abbot: “The man who finds fault with himself accepts all things cheerfully – misfortune, loss, disgrace, dishonor and any other kind of adversity. He believes that he is deserving of all these things and nothing can disturb him. No one could be more at peace than this man. “

(Via Idaho Lay Dominicans.)

Humility can be defined as accepting reality for what it is, adjusting your life to fit that reality and being content with the results.

Well, the reality is that we are broken and wounded people. Wounded by Original Sin and its continued effects in our lives and in the world around us, and broken by our own failings and shortcomings.

If you are truly humble, you accept all as such. And as St. Dorotheus says in the quote above “nothing can disturb (you).”

We live in a Fallen world and therefore entropy and concupiscence are a natural part of it. Accept that and your part in it and peace will happen within.

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