The source of all annoyance and distress

Continuing on in this series, St. Dorotheus goes on to say that the only path to peace (an internal peace) is for us to be what we would call nowadays reflective. We must be always aware of our defects and seek to remedy them. And we must look internally, be aware of what is wrong inside us, in order for true internal peace to reign within.

St. Dorotheus writes: “We have seen that this is true in many cases, and, in our laziness and desire for rest, we hope or believe that we have entered upon a straight path when we are impatient with everyone, and yet cannot bear to blame ourselves.”

If you find fault with everybody but yourself and constantly look to external sources for the causes of your distress, you will never find peace within. I suppose people who are “comfortable in their own skin” have dealt with their interior distress and character defects, or are humble in their admission of them and are dealing with them.

From the teachings of St. Dorotheus, abbot

(Via Idaho Lay Dominicans.)

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