How can you discern God's Will?

Quite often in 12 Step meetings the topic of “God’s Will” is brought up. How do you know God’s will?

The following is a nearly 6 minute long homily that helps to answer this question.

Magnificat Anima Mea Domino: “The Sign that Contains all Others”

(Via Fr. Samuel Medley PodBean.)

In short, the ability to discern God’s will is tied to your humility. You need to purify your heart of its selfish intentions and humbly submit by listening to the voice of God. Do not test God by scripting your prayer requests to reflect your desires.

Ask for help in doing so. The Blessed Virgin Mary is excellent in aiding those who seek God’s will as she “wrote the book” in humbly submitting to the Lord’s will. Her submission opened the gates of Heaven to all of humanity, perhaps a similar wonder can bless your life by simply opening your heart and listening.

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