Catholic Recovery is now Recovery for Christ

This is just an announcement that the old Catholic Recovery Social Network is now moved over to its new web location, the new site can be found at:

Recovery for Christ

(or if you’re having trouble seeing the link).

I successfully transferred all the CR site info such as member accounts, Groups and Forums to the new RfC site. So, if you were a member of CR, you’re now also a member of RfC. All you have to do is claim your account, which can be done in this manner:

Go to RfC. Then attempt to login using your login username from CR. This would be your username or email address that you used for CR. (I am not sure which one RfC recognizes as valid, it handles things differently. Try both.) Anyway, you might fail in your attempt to log in, as there was an error of some sort when the site went live. If this happens, then please use the Password Recovery option. To do that, do this:

Just below the login fields where it displays the place for the username and password, there is a linked question that says “Lost your Password?” Click on it. Type in your email address that you used for CR. You will get an email very shortly. When it arrives, click on the link in it. This confirms the email address is a valid one, and another email will be sent to you. This one contains a new temporary password. Go back to RfC and login with your username and this password. Then see the bar at the top? Click on “My Account”, then in the drop down menu click on “Settings”. Change your password there. You can also change you username here, too.

So far, I do not know if you can upload photos and videos. The importer couldn’t handle them. I have them all archived, so they’re not lost. This is something I will investigate. RfC uses “BuddyPress”, so if any reader knows how media can be uploaded, email me or post a comment.

Another difference is that the old discussion forums are now Groups. Unlike CR, there were discussion forums apart from Groups, on the new site all discussion forums were made into Groups. This is how BuddyPress handles things. This is not a problem, an easy change to get used to. If you started a discussion or replied to one on CR, I think you are automatically now a member of the corresponding RfC Group.

There is a possibility that posts might be missing. Although the importer said everything successfully transferred, I am not sure if everything did.

Other than that, you can do on RfC basically everything you did on CR. I set up a Private Group called “Catholic Recovery Reunion Group” which you can use to seek out old friends from CR. You can also do a member search if you remember their username. CR will still be available until August 19/20 (or 20/21 depending on time zone, I think), so you can visit it and your Page and look up things. (Friendship connections also didn’t transfer over, so you’ll have to search for and “refriend” people.)

I think that’s it for now. I have the next few days off from work to tend to the new site, I also have most of next week off, so I should be around Recovery for Christ quite often.

If you were a member of CR before, sign up again and claim your account. If you weren’t, the please, join up at the new “Recovery for Christ”!

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