Sober Catholic re-launches!

Not that it was offline, but this post announces that starting today, this address is the new “official” home of “Sober Catholic.”

I will still post concurrently at the old site, but only through the end of the month, if that long.

If you subscribed via email or through a feed service, you should find those functions along the righthand sidebar. Pretty much any way you subscribed before is available here. Also, if you have a blog which listed the old site, please change it to this address at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your support. If I have not reciprocated by linking your blog, send me an email.

This site contains all of the original site’s blogposts and maybe 90% of the comments. It also has all of the links of the old, minus a few defunct ones.

There are a few more things that I have to complete here, namely registering this site with blog directories and so forth, but in essence whatever was at the old site is now here. I have yet to figure out how to upload photos and videos, but I’ll figure that out eventually. I know people who can assist. They know who they are. 🙂

So, with that said, welcome, and I should be here for years and years, God willing.

An attitude of gratitude is greatly extended to BroJer, of Bro Jer’s Blog for his kindness and generosity in helping out this endeavor. I know I’m cramping his style by saying such nice things about him, so: “Mwuahahahahahahahahaha!!!!”

Know someone, perhaps yourself, who might like Catholic devotionals for alcoholics? Please take a look at my books! (Thank you!!)

"The Recovery Rosary: Reflections for Alcoholics and Addicts"

and "The Stations of the Cross for Alcoholics"