Care for Creation book review

Once again I have been asked by Tribute Books to review one of their recently published works. This time it is Care for Creation by Christy Baldwin and Shelly Draven.

The children’s book is an nice little tome in which children are introduced to the basics of stewardship of the Earth by way of standard environmentalist (or conservationist) beliefs and practical solutions.

Each point is interspersed with a selection from Sacred Scripture (NIV and “The Message” translations, neither of which are Catholic) that is relevant to that point. This offers a refreshing break away from the arbitrarily political and scientifically questionable arguments made along the “climate change” front. A good, solid Scriptural basis for common-sense care for the creation of God that we are entrusted with is a good way to involve the next generation in this work.

Throughout the book there are wonderful illustrations on each of the points made to care for creation.

I accepted the offer to review this book by the reason that as we are to care for ourselves in our recovery from alcoholism and addiction, we can extend that outward towards the world about us. I occasionally write that we are to “go outside to get outside” of ourselves. That is, we are to experience the beauty of God’s creation so as to get outside or our own heads. Helping the generation inheriting our planet is a fine way to go about doing that.

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  1. Thanks Paul for the great review. I really like how you mentioned nature is the perfect antidote to take us outside of our own heads – how true, how profound.

    Thanks for sharing CARE FOR CREATION with the readers of We appreciate your support of the book and for being a part of the blog tour.

    Best wishes,
    Tribute Books

  2. Paul – Thanks for blogging a review of this book. I am so excited to hear that you liked it. I want to let your readers know that I am hosting a contest for all bloggers. Contact me at with at least one idea of how you plan to use the book with your family or students and I will put your name in a drawing for a free autographed copy of the book.

  3. Sorry for taking so long to get to approving your comment. I’ll get to writing up something on your “contest” on the 17th or 18th of this week.

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