Thou shalt don’t and thou shalt do

I am posting a link to today’s complete Mass Readings as that is a bit easier that copying the text, as both the entire First Reading and the Gospel are important:

Monday of the First Week of Lent

(Via USCCB.)

The First Reading is a lot of “thou shalt don’ts”. A lot of people are turned off by organized religion because they think it is just a bunch of silly rules about what you can’t do. If you actually read the 10 Commandments, you see that they are practical rules for personal and social survival, as well as proper orientation of the individual to God.

The Gospel Reading contains a bunch of ‘thou shalt do’s”. I wonder if the people who complain about the “don’ts” ever actually bother with the ‘do’s”. Religion is a civilizing force in human society, we are bound to assist one another, it is not a private affair to be kept under wraps. Jesus is preaching in the Gospel of what He expects His followers to do.

Both the 10 Commandments and Jesus’ admonishments about helping the less fortunate force us to go beyond ourselves and focus on other. From a right relationship with God and other people, to what we are to do for those not as fortunate as we are.

As alcoholics and addicts we often tend to focus on our recovery issues, of “just not drinking” today, and coping with our daily living struggles. While this should not be a lesser concern we should also be aware of others out there.

Getting outside ourselves helps in recovery.

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