Happiness from People, Places and Things

A realization came to me at work a few weeks ago. I transferred to a new place within my company, and I had been undergoing a somewhat painful transition. I was wondering about why we have to endure certain things. I know I’ve written a great number of times about the need to accept suffering as evidence of our willingness to follow Christ, but at times I still wonder about happiness, and its place in our lives.

I think that happiness is illusory, we cannot depend upon others too much for our happiness, and if we look inward we become self-indulgent and then block out other people. Places change. The things of this world are passing, we cannot depend upon them either.

People come and go, the things of this world fade away, too. Some people stay with you for a long time, but they are a minority.

Places deteriorate, or you have to leave them for other places.

Things that the world offers are definitely not a source of happiness, at least not long-term healthy kind. They tend to take you away from God and the spiritual.

The only true source of happiness comes from following God’s will as best as one can discern it and following that will to Heaven, our true and eternal home.

It is sometimes necessary then for Christians to be “disconnected” from the world, to be “in the world”, but not “of it”. We participate in it, but realize that it is only a way station, and not a place of permanence.

Not sure where I’m going with all this, as it isn’t original or deeply profound, but pondering it helped me get through some trying times at work. Perhaps it was a needed shift in perspective.

NOTE: This was published a few years ago on one of my other, now defunct blogs. I am reposting it here, slightly edited for some updating. Interesting how you realize things all over again.

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  1. “People come and go, the things of this world fade away, too. Some people stay with you for a long time, but they are a minority”

    and sometimes that minority may seem far away, due to there own aloneness, depression, anxiety, life changes etc, yet…that to shall pass!


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