From time to time I have attempted to earn funds from this blog. Nothing much ever came of them, but I also didn’t put in tons of effort, either. I even tried a bleg (blog beg) after last American Thanksgiving. The silence was deafening. I became sad and almost quit blogging. Anyway, I’ve also tried affiliate linking (only ones left are those that link to my wife’s sites, the others didn’t pan out for one reason or another, mainly ease of use and such) and Google Adsense. Google Adsense I didn’t care for as there is no way to control what kind of ads are run: they are based on context of words in the posts and sidebar links, and since this is a Catholic blog about alcoholism, I had tons of ads, many inappropriate, on alcohol treatment and some uncertain Catholic ones.

Well, I’m trying again. I joined a site called “SwagBucks”. It is a place where you can earn points, a/k/a “SwagBucks” and redeem them for stuff. If you wish to check it out and decide to join, please go and use this referral link, or just click on the badge over on the right that says “Earn Swagbucks.” As a referral, I earn a percentage of whatever you earn. A good way to spread the joy.

Pelenaka, over at thirtyfivebyninety, a nice blog I found on homesteading and simple, frugal living, is a member of “SwagBucks”. Pelenaka writes about it here: Get Your Swag on a.k.a Swagbucks

(Via thirtyfivebyninety.)

OK, start Swaggin’. 😉

Stations of the Cross for Alcoholics — A SoberCatholic.com book

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