Stayin’ Alive

Well, 10 years ago today was my first full day of not drinking. I wouldn’t say sober as “not drinking” and “sober” aren’t the same.

Earlier this year, in February, I had posted about what would have been my original sobriety date: An Almost Anniversary: February 3, 2002, Part 1 and An Almost Anniversary: February 3, 2002, Part 2

Earlier this week I mentioned that I’d write about the 88 hours of sleeplessness I endured and survived. They were dominated by hallucinations.

These next posts over the next few days will be about the hallucinations. I had never written them down before and will take this long overdue opportunity to do so.

But first, a musical interlude:

Yes, “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. It was one of the hallucinations I experienced during those 88 hours. Not the video, just the “ha…ha…ha…ha… stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive…” section, repeatedly, for a few hours after 70-odd hours of sleeplessness had passed. I kept hearing that in my left ear, with an audio quality reminiscent of a 1970’s era inexpensive little Japanese transistor AM pocket radio.

I only lead off with this hallucination due to the recent death of Robin Gibb.

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