Daily Disconnect

I have long been attracted to Carmelite spirituality. The Carmelites are a Catholic religious order nearly 800 years old, although they trace their spiritual roots all they way back to the Old Testament Prophet Elijah. Carmel means “Garden of God” in Hebrew, and for a recovering alcoholic who strives to “cultivate” spiritual progression by “growing” closer to Him and “rooting” oneself in Scripture and prayer, it is an attractive Catholic spirituality. Many Carmelite saints, like St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and St. Therese of Lisieux have written about the soul’s union with God (a union of a mystical love). Very beautiful imagery, and beyond the scope of this post. 😉

I ran across this on a major Carmelite website:

Daily Disconnect

(Via Order of Carmelites.)

It is the “Daily Disconnect”, a special section on their site where you can stop, pray and meditate. The link above takes you to the “About” section of the DD, and from there you can just go to the daily meditation.

While I generally do not regularly use online prayer and meditation aids, aside from this Adoration site and the Daily Mass Readings I will try this during my morning review of things. It should help keep me from going bonkers over current events.

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