54 Day Rosary Novenas

The Rosary has been an important part of my devotional and spiritual life ever since I sobered up and reverted to the Church in 2001/02. I have said it daily (most of the time 😉 ) and have even used it as a part of Novena prayers.

One thing I hadn’t done until this year was say a 54-day Rosary Novena. This is mainly due to my feeling that normal novenas take a lot out of me. I don’t know why, maybe it is the stress of maintaining it daily for 9 days. This is any novena, Rosary or otherwise. There is an irrational fear that if I skip a day, the prayers and petitions are wasted (I don’t think they are.)

And a ROSARY Novena, not just for the usual nine days, but FIFTY-FOUR?!?!?!? Seemingly impossible! Out of the question!

But I tried it earlier this year, twice. And some strange things happened, both times it felt easy. No stress or strain of just getting through nine days. It was as if I was sailing through the days. Also, although the petitions have not been fully answered, yet (they’re doozies), I do feel that movement is being made and that things are sorting out towards resolutions that I will be happy with. God’s will works in mysterious ways.

So, what exactly is a 54 day Novena? It is simply saying three consecutive Rosary Novenas in petition for a favor or intention, (that’s 27 days) followed by three consecutive Rosary Novenas in thanksgiving for whatever God’s will was in regards to the petition (there’s the other 27 days. Total: 54).

This means it is an act of faith and trust, you are thanking God for His response without waiting to see what His answer is.

I am starting another 54 day Novena. There is a critical US Presidential election this year (every US Presidential election has seemed “critical,” at least going back to 2000. I really am starting to think that democracy is overrated and that we should take a look at a monarchy again). Without divulging who I’m voting for, I have created “Events” in Facebook, Google+ and ProLifeBook, listing the Novena and how to say it.

Here’s the text of the Event:

“For Catholics and other interested Christians: September 14th is the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross (a/k/a the Exaltation of the Cross). This is a fitting day to begin a 54 day Rosary Novena for God’s will to prevail in the upcoming USA Presidential election, which is November 6th, (54 days after the Novena begins.)

If you do not know how to pray a 54 day Rosary Novena, it is simple: you pray 3 consecutive 9 day Rosary Novenas in petition for some favor or intention, followed by 3 consecutive 9 day Rosary Novenas in thanksgiving for God’s answer (whatever it might be.)

This means it is an act of faith and trust, you are thanking God for His response without waiting for it.

If you do not know how to pray the Rosary, here is a handy link: How to Pray the Rosary. You can also download a PDF image file here: How to pray the Rosary PDF. In addition, here is a link showing how the Rosary is rooted in Sacred Scripture: Scriptural Rosary.

This event is also listed on Facebook; on Google+; as well as on ProLifeBook

So, if you are on those social networks, invite friends and spread the news!!”

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  1. Paul
    I have a Kindle Fire and I purchased Fr. Bennedict Groshel’s “The Rosary is a Place”. I have doctored it with some Mike Talbut reflection music and seperated it into the four mysteries (playlists). Each morning I walk the neighborhood praying th Rosary. People think I’m listening to music. Surprise! Tomorrow sounds like a good day to start a 54 day Novena. To think are others out there like me is relieving. One year since the drink almost took me.


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