Is back

Well, today was the first day that I have blogged since early September. No excuses, I have had a bevy of posts churning inside of me, but they were all getting in the way of each other and therefore none came out. And so, I wrote about something else (see previous post.)

And now this one right here that you are now reading.

So, now that the creative flow has been unplugged, perhaps a few of the other posts backed up in my brain can now behave themselves and proceed out in a reasonably orderly fashion.

We’ll see. There’s some good stuff coming. In early September I camped out in the bush for a Catholic Men’s retreat, and as a result, a whole bunch of things got stirred up inside.

As if I haven’t gone through enough “conversion experiences” these past 10 years.

There will be the bush adventure, what was stirred up, and maybe a few other things. See you again soon!


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