Growing in holiness during Lent

Lent began today. Traditionally, people give up stuff for Lent as a sign of repentance. That’s nice but it may be a downer, especially if it isn’t combined with something that may help you grow in holiness. Giving up something to achieve something is tough. Ask an athlete, especially an Olympian or a champion.

Another option to giving up something is to take up something. Adding something to help you achieve something, like holiness, may be easier. Increase your virtue. This link: Virtues and Vices has a list of the seven deadly vices and the virtues that can help you overcome them.

Serve and volunteer.

Increase your prayer life. Read Sacred Scripture, daily. Attend Daily Mass, if possible. If not, then maybe catch it online at a more convenient time.

And then perhaps maybe someday you can deprive yourself of something, because with the increased holiness, you’re more apt to select a deprivation and combine it with growing in holiness. This can merit itself at other times of the year when you suffer, now you know better how to “offer it up.” 😉

Joel: 2:13:

“Rend your hearts, not your garments,

and return to the LORD, your God,

For he is gracious and merciful,

slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love,

and relenting in punishment.”

(Via USCCB.)

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  1. For Lent, I’m doing a daily Rosary–I’ve always wanted to do this and Lent is the perfect time to commit to it. I love your Recovery Rosary. I usually am driving when I pray it so I do the mysteries by memory or simply focus on somebody I am praying for.

    • I’m starting small with Lent. I am abstaining from the computer until AFTER my Morning Prayer is over and done with. Too often I use bad excused to delay Prayer. After a week I’ll progress on to something else, in addition. Hopefully the morning discipline will stay after Lent is done.

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