Not Saints Yet

Number 9, over at Catholic Alcoholic mentioned today about a new organization for Catholics suffering from addictions. Called Not Saints Yet, it is, to quote from their website, “…a new organization whose goal is to evangelize, or re-evangelize, Catholics, especially those in recovery.”

It is run by Ken J, of the Calix Society in Philadelphia. I remember Ken J from several years ago when he was a member of Catholics in Recovery (later Recovery for Christ), a now defunct online social network for Catholics suffering from addictions.

In addition to their above-named mission of evangelizing Catholics, Not Saints Yet also seeks to become a clearinghouse of information about other organizations that are helping Catholics in recovery.

You can find more information about the Calix Society at this link.

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    • Hmmm… the “Seriously, this is not a scam/spam comment, we promise)” obviously means yer a lousy, no-good spammer! πŸ˜‰

      Thanks, bro! I’ll check it out.

  1. Hi Paul! looking into reditus marketing…do you like it? Also, love this new web site by Ken and I will link and talk about it on my site for sure. Thanks for the plug, my friend!

    • Regarding Reditus, I just started and it seems nice. Main thing is getting pastors to approve of ads on the Lighthouse kiosks. Lighthouse is my main thing, Reditus is to support that.

      On Ken’s site, I thought I posted a comment on your post about it, but I guess I never hit “Save” or whatever. Ooops. I emailed him offering assistance and support a week ago, no reply. πŸ™

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