Novena To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Today is the first day of the Sacred Heart Novena. As a courtesy, I will be posting it daily from the site “Pray More Novenas,” but not here. I will instead be posting it to the Sober Catholic Blog Page on Facebook and also on theSober Catholic Blog Page on Google+. So please go to either Page every day for the Novena Prayers. In fact, if you are on Facebook or Google+, “Like” or “Circle” the Pages, as there is activity on them that isn’t here on the blog (like inspirational quotes, pictures and other things.)

The Sacred Heart is an old and venerable Catholic devotion, particularly regarding conversion of heart and mind and in reparation for sins. It was also a very important aspect of early Alcoholics Anonymous, as “Sacred Heart Badges” were awarded to recovering alcoholics at St. Thomas’ Hospital in Akron, Ohio by Sister Ignatia (a close ally and partner to Dr. Bob, AA’s co-founder). These badges later inspired AA’s medallions and coins, awarded to alcoholics on various sobriety anniversaries.


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