Twelve Step Online Video Conference Meetings

A while back on the Yahoo version of the MTW, there was discussion about online video conference meetings. That never went anywhere. The few times I tried to join where it was being hosted, the software/website crashed, and from what I gather, this happened on occasion.

The site in question is now partnering with a large, online recovery site, called “In the Rooms.” ITR has had online video meetings scheduled at various times throughout the day and week.

If anyone wished to join, ITR can be found here: In the Rooms . Go there, sign up if you’re not a member already, and see the VIDEO MEETINGS link near the top. That will take you to the schedule.

If you are (or will be) a member, kindly send me a friend request. My profile is found here: My Profile on ITR . Just let me know you’re coming from the MTW.

Incidentally, I was thinking of starting a branch of the MTW way there, just like the recent (and seemingly well-received) attempts on Facebook and Google+. I’ll think about it… Many of my friends there are Catholics, so there may be an audience!

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"The Recovery Rosary: Reflections for Alcoholics and Addicts"

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