Taking up the Cross

Matthew 16:24 “Then Jesus said to his disciples: “If anyone is willing to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

(Via Catholic Public Domain Version of the Sacred Bible.)

As alcoholics and addicts we often carry the burdens of temptations. Many people do, we are not unique in that regard. However if we succumb to them, it can be dangerous. Even if it is a serious temptation like impurity and we aren’t sex or porn addicts, it may open the door to further destructive behavior given the potentially addictive nature of our thinking.

It is painful to carry the burden of temptations. We want to surrender to them “just a little,” to ease the burden. But we cannot as we know the effects. Given that we are active in our recovery, we are probably far more sensitive to inappropriate behavior and thinking than most people. Any fall can be an excuse for self-loathing.

It is fine if we constantly “pick ourselves up” after a fall into whatever sin is tempting us. This is what the saints did.

But I think that if we view the continual troubles and trials as a cross that we must bear, we can show Jesus, “See, Lord? I am your servant and follower. I bear the Cross of this temptation and I will not drop it.”

Equate that trial or temptation with the Cross. It is a tangible feeling to connect to Jesus, something that you can think about whenever you hear someone talk about “hang it on the Cross,” or “unite your sufferings to Jesus.”

It may make it more bearable.

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  1. We are all subject to temptation till we die so all we can do is take refuge in the cross and be like a child knowing we are weak and have alot to learn always growing in our love for God which makes our faults less of a burden

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