Advent: Jesus is Coming

Today is the First Sunday of Advent. As you should be aware, Advent marks the time in which we await the Lord’s first coming as and infant in the Incarnation. It is also a reminder that He will come again, as a just judge of humanity at some point in the future (perhaps near!) when history as we know it ends.

As alcoholics and addicts struggling with the various issues keeping clean and sober at whatever point along the “road of happy destiny” we are trudging along, Advent is a excellent time for us to increase our spiritual progression and development.

The Lord is coming. Are you prepared to welcome Him? Is there a place for Him in your heart and soul? Take the time to weed out the spiritual and worldy garbage that clutters up daily life. Undertake deeper examinations of conscience to root out the underlying causes of sin.

Make a home for the Lord in your life. We can ALL do better at this. There is no cause or reason to be content and satisfied with your spiritual and devotional life.

Get up, and be on your way!

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