Death entered the world

I’ve fallen behind in my daily Lenten blogging, not that I said I was going to but every year I at least make the attempt and this year is no different. Some years I succeed, others, no. You can read prior year’s Lenten posts here: Lent Archives on Sober Catholic

Anyway, this excerpt is from the Second Reading for this past Sunday, the Mass of the First Sunday of Lent:

Romans 5:12: “Through one man sin entered the world,and through sin, death.

via USCCB.

The Fall of Adam was the Original Sin that we inherited. By succumbing to the temptation St. Paul write that “death entered the world.” To me, this doesn’t mean just the physical death of the body, it also means the corruption of our relationship with God, which subsequently needs regular reconciliation, and all sorts of things which hinder life. Namely, physical and mental disabilities, illnesses and diseases, things like cancer, as well as addictions.

THis ultimately may be the racial root cause of our addictive maladies. All the more then, the need for a spiritual response to alcoholism and addiction.

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