Asking God for help

I’m going to be lazy today and not pick from any one of the Mass Readings for this post’s Lenten reflection. All three are interrelated (they usually are) but today the commonality among them is rather important. Hence my laziness. 😉

Mass Readings for Thursday of the First Week in Lent 2014.

They all involve asking God for help.

In the First Reading, Queen Esther is in dire, desperate straits and the Israelite people more so. Survival is at stake and only God can rescue them. And God does, through Esther. In a way, doesn’t that sound familiar? Might God at some dark period in your life sent someone to pull you out of your misery and hopeless situation?

The Responsorial Psalm is gratitude for the Lord answering a prayer. Are you grateful for the Lord answering your prayers? (And sometimes that the reply is “No!”)

And the Gospel reading is a classic “comfort read” about your Heavenly Father giving good things to those who ask. (Although it isn’t as straightforward as you ask, and God gives. He isn’t a vending machine.)

So, As St. Pio of Pietrelcina said, “Pray, Hope and don’t worry.”

Place it in God’s hands.

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