The Apparitions at Fatima

In 1917 the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three Portuguese shepherd children 5 times near the town of Aljustrel, in the parish of Fatima. It is one of the best known and documented Marian Apparitions.

Mary requested of the children that they pray much, and return to the site on the 13th of the month for the next 5 months; which they did through the last epic appearance in October. August was missed on the 13th due to the seers’ being kidnapped by the authorities. Mary did appear to them on the 19th, however. Our Lady is not to be denied.

I bring this up as I have long believed that the Fatima Apparitions are important, especially in these times. But they are also important to us alcoholics and addicts as they concern prayer, reparation and admonishments against sexual sin.

The devotion to the Rosary is an obvious major development of the Fatima Apparitions, and as readers of this blog know, I regard the Rosary as a great tool for people in recovery. I even wrote a devotional book using the Rosary for alcoholics (details on ordering are at the end of each Sober Catholic post! 🙂 )

May 13th is the first of the 5 appearances, and this year is the 97th anniversary. Try and go to Mass, or if not possible, say the Rosary.

I do not think I have blogged about the Apparitions before, if so that is an oversight that is being corrected. I will continue with this, either here or on my other blogs (In the Land of My Exile I Praise Him… and The Four Last Things ) on or before the 13th of the month through October. Which blog depends upon the subject, at any rate I will post information here when I blog about them elsewhere.) I plan on doing this annually until 2017, the centenary of the Apparitions (God-willing).

To get you started, please visit the following links, the first two are from the official Fatima site in Portugal (they’re in English, but also other languages); the latter two are from the EWTN site.

History of the Apparition.

The Message of Fatima.


FATIMA – The Apparitions (on EWTN).

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