Blog redesign

I was sort of in a geeky mood this afternoon and decided to make some changes to Sober Catholic’s design.

I went with one sidebar, deciding to merge all of the features of the now-deleted right sidebar into the left. I did this as I have a plugin that automatically converts this site to a mobile view for those who read Sober Catholic on a smartphone or tablet. It also happens to do that when viewed on a netbook (whick kind of freaked me out a few weeks ago, I thought someone had hacked the blog and redesigned it. I like consistency, and so went ahead and merged the sidebars).

I also think posts read better, now that they have more space across whatever screen size they’re read on.

It also means I may have to search for “right sidebar” and edit all posts that that reference some feature on that side whenever I had to point it out. πŸ™

Some widgets were also deleted, mostly “badges” linking to the blog’s Pages on social networks. Those widgets slowed the loading of the blog and were just clutter, I think. Besides, the links are found in the “About this Blog” and “About Me” Pages up above.

Other than that, it’s the same theme, and with a nicer color scheme. πŸ™‚

Since everything is on one side, I may run more Google Ads, and perhaps some other advertising options. There’s space, they can “break up” the link widgets and possibly bring in some needed revenue.

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