The “Sober Catholic Trudge Report” will no longer be out

Several years ago when I was using Twitter more actively, I enrolled in a service called “” It is an automated service that culls content from your Twitter feed, per your individual customizations. You can select which Twitter follower lists you have for it to cull, and other ways of determining content (I think). I thought, “This is cute, it might enhance the Twitter experience. I have my own newspaper!” I even had a clever name for it, “The Sober Catholic Trudge Report.” “Sober Catholic,” from the name of this blog and Twitter account, and “Trudge Report,” from the AA phrase “trudging the road to happy destiny” as well as a clever play on a popular news aggregate site.

It ended up being responsible for maybe 90+% of my Tweets, with blogposts another ~9% and actual original Tweets 1%. I decided long ago that Twitter wasn’t worth the hassle. I mean, 140 characters? What can you say with that? Mostly good for links and quick hit-and-run posts…

I discontinued the service today when I discovered it was irritating a Twitter user and follower of my @sobercatholic Twitter account. She, for her own reasons, didn’t like the service picking up her Tweets and adding them to the paper’s feed. Why, I don’t know, as Twitter is primarily for promotion, but for whatever reasons valid and appropriate for her, she didn’t want it and kept repeatedly asking me to stop. Unfortunately, I rarely use Twitter, don’t check my feed much at all, and so wasn’t aware of it until I just happened to login today and find out her consternation.

I decided that despite frequent retweets of the Trudge Report’s tweets by a number of people who appreciated it, it isn’t worth it. The lady’s irritation with me was compounded by the fact that my Twitter account is ignored by me, and for that reason I should have more control over what goes out over it. If I rarely use it, then an automated service shouldn’t either.

I do feel bad that she was irritated, and wish that I had noticed her requests sooner. I’m not sure how I could have eliminated her tweets from being picked up as I think I only logged in to customize twice since signing up, and so am not familiar with the full range of its functions. So, even if there was a way to just block her tweets from the Trudge Report’s feed, I’m not going to bother. Too late anyway as I’ve already deleted the account. Even in doing that, I had a heckuva time!

I am not going to identify her Twitter account in this post, but I do hope she somehow finds out about my sorrow over her irritation with me and that I meant no harm. It was just carelessness on my part due to my inattention to a social media account. (She has blocked me, and so won’t see anymore @sobercatholic tweets.)

This is, however, a development in the reassessment of my social media use I’ve done over the past few months. I’ll blog about that later. This is the longest I’ve had to deal with Twitter in Who knows how long, so I’m going outside. (A coincidence? I learned about this lady’s irritation with me only because I decided to use Twitter for an original tweet, “Going outside to get outside.” It’s a nice day out there and I wanted to go out and putter around. For no apparent reason I decided Twitter was the place to announce that, as if the world cares. 😉 )

Although I seriously doubt that anyone should be upset with my decision to terminate the Trudge Report, if anyone is, please get over it. It is no big deal, I didn’t read it myself and rarely thought of it. It was all automated, and I put no effort into it apart from logging in once or twice over the years and customizing the feed. I might have been able to just prevent it from picking up her tweets, but I didn’t care enough to find out how to do that. In a way, she did me a favor as I will take a look at my social media use overall, and consider what else is irrelevant. Today I deleted a twitter service responsible for most of my Tweets, I’ve also laregely ceased using Google Plus (I decided on that a few months ago.)

I’d better stop as I’m getting into that post I said I was going to write later…

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  1. I am in the Berkeley, California Fellowship next door to St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church practicing being Sober Catholic listening to our Newcomers stress over God and surrender…..thank God for the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance. What a great time to be a Sober Catholic. Great Mass Readings today!

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