Yesterday was New Year’s Day…

…on the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. It was the First Sunday of Advent.

As with every New Year, this is an opportunity to “start over” and improve yourself. Assess your life, see where it’s been and how it’s going and make adjustments. Given the healing nature of the Church, from the Eucharist and the Sacrement of Confession, to opportunities to become closer to Jesus through Adoration, I would say that we sober Catholics ought to give greater importance to the Church’s New Year than to the secular one as a means of “renewal.”

This year seems to be offering a lot for that. There is Pope Francis’ initiative of Jubilee Year of Mercy. I raised the importance of this and how we can make use of it here: The Year of Mercy and what it means for us sober Catholics.

I also wrote earlier about how we should all delve into the Diary of St. Faustina, “Divine Mercy in My Soul;” please see: St. Faustina and Divine Mercy. I continually find great spiritual riches in her writings. It is much like diving into a deep ocean of mystical waters, each time I feel more “clean” and better about my relationship with the Lord. The Diary also gives me confidence to deal with many issues plaguing society today. The World is still scary, but I can cope with it after reading the Diary.

Advent is upon us. Make room for Jesus; He is coming. Take advantage of the spiritual and especially the sacramental resources available. Try attending Mass more often, (not just on Sundays.) GO TO CONFESSION! You’re a sinner (me, too. We all are.)

Have a great Advent…

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