Try and make amends before it’s too late

I blogged earlier today on The Four Last Things about an online friend’s sudden death.

I won’t reiterate here what I said there, so please read that post. But given the nature of Sober Catholic, I will offer an exhortation to those who have yet to make amends to people they need to (or have to). Do so, for the time will come when they will die and the opportunity will be lost.

I understand perfectly well the resistance to approaching people and trying to make up for the damage done while drinking or drugging. Sometimes it is not possible as trying to will only do more harm than good. Use your conscience or speak with a sponsor or bring it up at a meeting, if needed.

But at least consider the possibility that they person may not be around when you finally decide to repair the relationship.

NOTE: In case you didn’t read the post on the Four Last Things, the lady who died wasn’t someone with whom I needed to make an amends. Her death was sudden, and that is what prompted these posts.

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