“The Daily Pledge” online recovery community

For those of you who participate in online recovery, either to supplement your face-to-face meetings or to replace them, just a “heads up” that Hazelden’s Social Community will be shutting down near the end of the month. It is being replaced by a new online recovery community called “The Daily Pledge.” I have already changed the links in the sidebar.

If you are a member of Hazelden Social, you should be able to see the notice there. (I won’t bother with a link.)

I just joined “The Daily Pledge” and it seems at first glance to be a useful place to meet others in recovery. I was never really all that active on the Hazelden Social site; although it was useful, the site navigation was cumbersome to me. I did get the hang of it, but I never felt at ease with all the options and functions. The Daily Pledge is more “stripped down” yet retains a rich set of options for members to share.

Here is the link: The Daily Pledge. My profile: My Profile on the Daily Pledge.

I spend much more time on In the Rooms. I login several times a week, sometimes daily. You can find me over there: My profile on In the Rooms. Despite my preference for ITR, due to the massive change for Hazelden Social in moving over to TDP, I will give TDP a chance. I like what I see so far!

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