Fifteen years…

…ago I started attending AA meetings. Not sure as to the exact date, as I was unaware of the significance, but it may have been earlier in June.

A family member called the local AA number and found out where a meeting was. He had prior experience with the Fellowship as his father was in the program decades prior.

My then-employer had wanted me to go to a treatment facility if I wanted to keep my job. I declined.

They gave me thirty days to think about it. I thought about it and decided that if the job that was driving me to drink was the reward, they can forget about it…

Anyway, I barely remember the meeting save for Gene (the elder statesman of that Group) giving me my copy if the Big Book (the 3rd edition was the current one. The 4th edition came out six months later.)

As I’ve stated in previous “About Me” posts, I didn’t quite get the Program right away. It wasn’t until February 2002 that I stopped drinking and that wasn’t because I had an “awakening” or some such experience, but rather I was too sick and physically weak to make it to a liquor store. Or an AA meeting.

I suffered withdrawal and hallucinations and wound up in the local hospital for six days and a $10,500 bill I somehow paid off in about four years.

And then I went back out after 3 1/2 months!

That’s all. Just a personal reflection that occurred to me when I saw a calendar.

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  1. Paul, congrats on getting this far one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time. I know the evil one is out there biting at the bit, to get us back out there. Him and his 7 worst than he friends. As I continue to do ministry work, I never find just one addiction anymore. They come in bunches. Cigs, Lust Porn, Anger, Hording, TV, and list grows larger everyday. We try and fill our lives with “junk” stuffed teddy bears, dolls, playboy collections, but don’t make any attempt to fill our heart with the things it needs. Love, charity, peace, forgiveness etc.

    Have a great day! and God Bless!

    – Michael

  2. Paul,

    Congratulations, June 15, 15 years. That’s quite a milestone. Thank you for your help, via LinkedIn. I’ve added this to my service diet and told you I’d forward link for your review.

    My reunion with my live, dearest Jesus, began July 14, 2006. I was rescued by my good doctor, whose gentle suggestions had flown right over my head. It was 5150 time, unless something substantive changes. I have no memory of the following. He told me, much later, what happened, do he did not have to call the authorities. Anyway, a long, acute care medical hospitalization ensued. Eventually, I was functionally able enough to transfer to a 30 day program. In hindsight, all thru this extrairdinary care, I received the great gifts of peace and gratitude. I appreciated so very much that these caregivers knew what to do AND were willing to tell me!!!

    Jesus carries me around on a velvet cushion. When I hop off, cuz I know best, inevitably my peace dissolves. Life gets complicated. My Sponsor’s phone jangles. It’s always my failure to continue my spiritual exercises. Jesus really has counted (& continues to count!K every hair I’ve got (per Luke). Thanks for The Recovery Rosary. I begin today, after Doc appt (currently blessed with Shingles).
    Yours in Him, France Driscoll.

    • I’ve been sober for just over 24 years, the “15” is when I started AA. It took a while.

      I am so glad that you found the help you needed! Looks like your 10th anniversary is soon?

      I’ll take a look at the link.

      (BTW, now that your comment is approved, future ones by you are automatically published.)

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