My Fatima postings

A couple of years ago I got the ambitious idea of preparing Sober Catholic readers for the centennial anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal. The centenary is next year, 2017. Every month on or about the date of each apparition I would blog about it and connect it with the mission of this blog.

It was a noble idea, especially as the message of Fatima is something that sober Catholics can adopt and make a part of their own recovery. The message of prayer, penance and reparation is extremely useful and important in being a sober Catholic.

However, I think I began too soon and as a result have produced a number of blogposts that were perhaps written just for the sake of writing them. Plus, many were tardy. This year, I’ve already missed blogging about two of the months (June and July) and I was thinking of writing them anyway and backdating them (with due notice of such a deed.)

I’m changing my mind; I will stop blogging about the Apparition for this year and resume more detailed and (hopefully) insightful posts during the centenary.

If you wish, click on the following link and read the over a dozen posts I’ve done so far: Fatima postings. In reading them, you should gain a decent knowledge of Fatima and how to connect it to your sober Catholic recovery. Even better is the EWTN special website on the Anniversary: EWTN Fatima Site.


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