Lent 2017

Lent is upon up once again. That time within the liturgical year when Catholics practice more intensely the arts of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Prayer is the act of lifting the heart and soul to God and becoming closer to Him. Although He knows our wants and needs better than (and before) we do, it is still preferable to engage in it anyway as it reminds us of His Providence. Also, it strengthens our relationship with Him. Prayer is communication.

Fasting is traditional, although the requirements are easier than times past. I urge you to look up the fasting guidelines from your national Bishop’s conference or local diocesan websites, I think they differ from country to country. Fasting typically involves refraining from food, but you can always fast from habits and behaviours.

Almsgiving: supporting the Church and the poor by the donation of your time, talent and treasure.

I have frequently over the ten years of blogging promised or planned to blog daily throughout Lent. That ain’t a-gonna happen. You can look up older posts from previous years on Lent, just find the Category “Lent” in the Categories drop-down menu on the left. I will attempt to blog more frequently, but no promises.

One good practice is to read the Daily Mass readings, (or better yet, if possible, attend Daily Mass.) Many graces will be showered upon you.

Try and go to Confession more. Try weekly!

Have a fruitful Lent!

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